You Don’t Need A Disguise To Be A Super Hero To Your Customers

One of the best promotional offers you can tell your customer about is back – Buy Now & Make No Payments Until 2017! Don’t let any customer walk away without letting them know about this limited time offer.

Take Advantage of “No Payments Until 2017”

Effective for the remainder of 2016 is the popular No Payments for 90 Days. This program is available for a limited time and allows qualified buyers the ability to buy the equipment they want now, and make no monthly payments until the new year!

  • Under the Deferred Payment Program, eligible transactions will not require any monthly payments for 90 days.
  • This program is for commercial customers only.
  • Certain restrictions apply (Startup restaurants, startup salons, ATM equipment, security monitoring agreements are not eligible)
  • The first payment will be due 90 days from the date of funding. For example, if a deal funds on December 15th, 2016, the first payment will be due March 15th, 2017.
  • This program will end on December 31st, 2016. Any documents that were created prior to this date will be honored until January 31st, 2017. Any documents received after that date will not be honored in this program.

How Do I Submit A Deal For The Deferred Program?

You and your customers can apply like normal. We simply need to know that the customer is interested in this option. Our online application now includes an optional field to choose this program from, currently titled “No Payments Until 2017?”. If interested in this option, select Yes from the dropdown menu, and if not, select No or leave blank. If applying via fax or over the phone, please state at that time if the Deferred Payment option is wanted.


Don’t Let Your Customers Walk Away Without Offering “No Payments Until 2017!”

This program benefits everyone! For your customers, the benefits are obvious. They can get the equipment they want now and use it to earn money for 90 days before their first monthly payment is due. Tell your customers to keep their hard earned cash for the busy year-end season and let their new equipment earn them money the whole time!

This program is also very popular with equipment suppliers who can leverage this limited-time offer to help increase their year-end sales. Don’t wait until it’s too late – Tell all your customers about this option and share our simple one page application to find out if they qualify. It’s that simple!