Kingswood Leasing & Back Bay Networks Enter Into Agreement

Kingswood Leasing Signs Service Agreement with Back Bay Networks of NH

We are pleased to announce that Back Bay Networks of NH is our new partner in this digital age. Back Bay Networks is an IT consulting firm with extensive experience providing IT support since 2003. They are based less than 1 mile from Kingswood Leasing’s main office in downtown Dover, NH.

“I was very pleased to learn about Back Bay Networks and how they could support Kingswood Leasing’s continued growth. The fact that they too are a small business handling large accounts, and the fact that they are so close to our location, made Back Bay an ideal fit for our own small business.” – Clifford Metcalfe Jr.

This relationship is a reflection of the success Kingswood Leasing has continued to have with year after year growth. To continue achieving our goals we have to be better in all areas of business. People are the biggest asset Kingswood Leasing has, but after people, technology is the backbone of the company.

“The next 3 to 5 years are going to be very exciting for us. We have almost outgrown our current information systems and with Back Bay I look forward to having a partner to grow with. I’m very pleased with the service and approach Steve has taken with our company thus far.” – Clifford Metcalfe III

Steve Gagnon, owner of Back Bay Networks of NH, has a tremendous business record supporting local and national business. The feedback from his clients is outstanding and we look forward to working closely with him and his staff.

“I am excited to be working with Kingswood Leasing and look forward to supporting their IT needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will provide the tools needed to keep their systems running efficiently so they can focus on what they do best.” – Steven Gagnon, Owner, Back Bay Networks of NH, LLC

Back Bay Networks is located at 800 Central Ave in Dover, New Hampshire, and on the web at

Kingswood Leasing Celebrates 25 Years

Kingswood Leasing Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Kingswood Leasing, Inc. is celebrating its 25 year anniversary as a full service, nation wide commercial capital brokerage firm. This year the company is celebrating the trust that is reflected by the growing relationships Kingswood has with its clients. Nothing could make founder and owner, Clifford Metcalfe Jr., more proud than the trust that is continued to be placed with his family-owned company.

“I am very proud and grateful for the trust that our clients place in us and to our employees who have helped us get here.” – Clifford Metcalfe Jr., Owner of Kingswood Leasing, Inc.

Kingswood Leasing incorporated in 1991 after Cliff Metcalfe Jr. ventured out on his own in the competitive finance industry and began having immediate success. Kingswood began by serving the industry with the greatest pain points with regard to securing capital, the restaurant and food service industry. Kingswood Leasing’s approach to securing capital was unique. Kingswood had the experience to help clients secure financing that they couldn’t otherwise secure on their own. Kingswood forged relationships and new programs with funding sources to meet the unique needs inherent in the restaurant and food service industry. Kingswood has been a trusted partner to organizations through the good times and the not so good times, outperforming competitors who were not prepared to work with owners through thick and thin.

“Kingswood Leasing has been our longest, most reliable partner for over 23 years.   That tenure, through multiple economic cycles, is a testament to Kingswood’s exceptional value and expertise they provide as a financing resource to the food and beverage service industry.” – Gary Souverein, President, Pawnee Leasing Corporation, a Chesswood Group Ltd Company, Toronto Stock Exchange: CHW

The trust placed in Kingswood over 25 years has in turn given Kingswood the privilege of establishing even more unique and exclusive capital programs for clients that are available no where else. Kingswood Leasing has earned a reputation of being a trusted partner to restaurant, hospitality, and start-up business owners. Nationally ranked Fortune 500 companies use Kingswood as their preferred finance provider. Most recently, Kingswood has even started securing capital for international clients, growing Kingswood’s reach and capability.

“Our mission to be a trusted partner for buyers and sellers has driven the company since day one. We pride ourselves on communication and providing sound financial advice, which continues to grow the value proposition Kingswood offers in today’s marketplace.” – Clifford Metcalfe III, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Kingswood Leasing, Inc.

For the last 4 years Kingswood Leasing has been ranked one of the fastest growing “Family Owned Businesses in NH” and ranked in the top NH Based Businesses (NH Business Magazine).

Kingswood Leasing is headquartered in Dover, NH and resides on the world wide web at

9th Annual Dover Children’s Home Golf Tournament A Huge Success

Kingswood Leasing at 2016 DCH Golf Tournament

Kingswood At The Tournament

Kingswood Leasing is a proud supporter of the Dover Children’s Home. For the past 5 years Kingswood has participated in the DCH Golf Tournament, played at the Links at Outlook in Berwick, Maine. The tournament helps raise funding and awareness for the DCH and their mission to enrich the lives of adolescents and families through the highest quality services and programs. It is a great opportunity for community members to come together to support a great cause, and have a great time while doing it.

The 2016 Dover Children’s Home Golf Tournament was a huge success. There were 96 golfers and 15 volunteers that contributed their time to participate in the event and who helped DCH achieve their goals for the tournament. Kingswood was represented by 9 golfers and 2 volunteers.

With such an incredibly generous community surrounding us, we were able to blow our goal of $23,500 out of the water this year at the 9th Annual Dover Children’s Home Golf Tournament!  On behalf of the children, staff and board of directors, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone at Kingswood Leasing for your incredible support in all of our events!  We could not have been so successful this year if it wasn’t for all of you!! – Renee Touhey-Childress, Executive Director, Dover Children’s Home

Thank you, Renee! We had a great time and look forward to next year!

Congratulations to the Dover Rotary Girls Softball Team!

Dover Rotary Wins Division Championship Title

The top-seeded Dover Rotary girls softball team captured the Dover Youth Softball League’s 10U Division championship with a hard-fought, 7-5 win over Collins Sports Center at Shaw’s Lane in Dover on June 20, finishing the season with an impressive 13-1 record.
Mariah Ouellette started on the mound for Rotary and pitched two solid innings before being relieved by Charlotte Wensley, who closed out the game with two scoreless innings of her own. Addie Sheehan and Hannah Fitzgerald pitched admirably for Collins in the loss, combining to hold the potent Rotary lineup in check and keep the game within reach.
Rotary’s Jordyn March provided the game’s pivotal offensive blow, plating Sasha Elly with the eventual winning run with a two-out line drive single to right in the bottom of the second inning to break a 5-5 deadlock. Collins’ catcher, Sophia Cedrone, tagged out Rotary’s Ella Wasserman at the plate to end the inning and prevent further damage, thanks to a perfect relay throw by Sheehan.
Rotary added a lone insurance run in the third to pull ahead 7-5, and the scoring ended there as Collins’ fourth-inning threat fell just short. (Fosters)

Aaron Wensley, Account Executive for Kingswood Leasing, has been coaching local athletics for over 8 years in his home town of Dover, NH. Coaching gives Aaron the opportunity to focus on two of his passions – his family and love of sports. The Kingswood Leasing family could not be more proud of Aaron and his status as a role model in our community. Everyone at Kingswood Leasing would like to congratulate Aaron and the Dover Rotary Softball Team on their triumphant season!

Kingswood and the Metcalfe family lose a dear friend

Erland Charles Leslie "Erl" McLetchie (1949-2016)

Erl has been my dear friend, partner, fishing buddy and sometimes our lawyer for about 30 years. Our children have grown up together; and we both shared in the joys, trials and tribulations of raising children. The newest joy to us, grandchildren, was all we both spoke about. I helped

Erland Charles Leslie "Erl" McLetchie (1949-2016)
Erland Charles Leslie "Erl" McLetchie (1949-2016)


him a bit working on his last project to build his 5th canoe for the grandsons in Colorado. He was determined to complete it. Luckily his sons Andy and Doug came down to help finish it up with him and it was completed in April. He taught me how to fly fish. I never did catch any. He was like the big brother I never had. The best bridge player to have as a partner and always had a joke to tell or a story to share.

“Erl practiced law for 40 years in New Hampshire. Erl was widely regarded by the community as the greatest advocate in the North Country. Erl's clients, colleagues, and even his adversaries, loved him like family and he loved them too. Erl frequently represented people who could not afford representation on a pro bono basis and provided the same zealous representation to them that he did to all of his other clients. On several occasions, he received the New Hampshire Bar Association President's Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Service in recognition of his ‘willingness to accept pro bono cases and significant contribution of time in direct legal service to the poor.’

Erl's greatest love and accomplishment in his eyes, were his three sons Andrew (Andy of Golden, Colorado), Douglas (Doug of Portsmouth, NH), and Charles (Chip of Charlestown, MA). Erl was a hero to each of his sons, and all three grew up trying to be just like Erl in their own ways…

Later in life, Erl took great pride and joy in his grandchildren, Cameron and Graham of Golden, Colorado, and Cecelia of Charlestown, MA. Erl's favorite thing to do was to regale anyone he met with tales of his grandchildren whether they wanted to hear the tales or not"(Union Leader).

I will truly miss him. An expression I always use ‘Only the good die young’ could not be truer. He will be missed by all.


- Clifford A. Metcalfe Jr


Loan or Lease?

Bank Loan or Equipment Loan or Equipment Lease?

Business owners have options when it comes to commercial equipment financing. The most common are bank loans, equipment loans, and equipment leases. This post will address the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What’s the difference?

Bank Loan

If you have a good credit history you can qualify for a bank loan. Depending on available terms at your bank, these loans can have the lowest payout. If you are buying new equipment and your dealer or bank qualifies you for promotional-rate financing, such as 0%-5%, take that money and run. No one can offer you better terms.


  • Typically the lowest payout over the life of the loan


  • Small credit window – 85% of applicants are declined
  • Typically require significant down payment
  • Normally require significant amounts of tedious documentation and income verification
  • Sales tax may be due upfront
  • May tie up available lines of credit
  • Process usually takes several weeks

Equipment Loan

Equipment loans can come in many different names; Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA), Capital Lease, Finance Lease, $1.00 Buyout… all are considered equipment loans by the IRS. The IRS does not classify these leases as “True Leases” because even though they incorporate the lease mechanism for the loan, the buyout is not significant enough to be considered a true lease. More recently equipment loans have been very popular because of Section 179. For example, depending on the tax year, businesses could immediately deduct the full cost of equipment, up to $500,000, against their taxes. They are also popular because these loans are easier to qualify for than bank loans, have less paperwork, and typically take much less time to fund.


  • Equipment Loans are Lease-To-Own – You own the equipment after completing agreed upon payment schedule
  • Easier to qualify for and less paperwork than a bank loan
  • Low to no down payment required
  • Similar finance terms as bank loans up to 5 years
  • Fast funding, in as little as 24 hours after signed documents are received
  • Immediate tax deduction available for cost of equipment


  • Payments are not fully tax deductible
  • Payments can be higher than a lease with a residual buyout
  • No option not to buyout equipment

Equipment Lease

The IRS classifies equipment leases as True Leases, which are the same type of transaction as leasing a car. With a True Lease there is a significant buyout, typically 10% – meaning if you lease a $25,000 piece of equipment, the buyout option would be $2,500. Equipment leases are popular because usually 100% of the payments are tax deductible. They also typically offer the lowest monthly payment option because you’re often only financing 90% or less of the equipment. This type of transaction does include a choice at the end of the lease term to either buyout the equipment, return the equipment, or continue renting the equipment.


  • Typically the lowest monthly payment option
  • Payments are usually 100% tax deductible
  • Easier to qualify for and less paperwork than a bank loan
  • Low to no down payment required
  • Similar finance terms as a bank loan up to 5 years
  • Fast funding, in as little as 24 hours after signed documents are received
  • Includes buyout options


  • In order to own the equipment the buyer has to pay to the residual amount not financed in the lease agreement

So which one is best and when?

Why Equipment Leasing Is Usually Better Than An Equipment Loan, But Not Always

This is why we have a job. We talk to customers every day looking to finance their next business equipment purchase, and every one has their own situation and experiences. With that being said, in many cases using an Equipment Lease to purchase equipment can have the greatest bottom line savings.

Let’s say you want to buy some equipment for $40,000 and finance it over the next 4 years…

Equipment Cost:    $40,000

Loan/Lease Term:    48 Months

Quoted Lease Payment:    $1,194

Quoted Loan Payment:    $1,261

Lease Residual:    10%

Your Tax Rate:    30%

                               Lease          Loan

Total Payments:   $57,312     $60,528

      Tax Writeoff:   $17,194      $12,000

After-Tax Payments:  $40,118     $48,528

     Residual:  $4,000      $1

Net Ownership Cost:    $44,118     $48,529

Total Lease Savings:   $4,411

This example shows how a borrower can save $4,411 simply by choosing an Equipment Lease over an Equipment Loan for the exact same piece of equipment. Buyers travel hundreds of miles to buy equipment for less when they can save thousands just by choosing to finance with a True Equipment Lease as opposed to a Bank or Equipment Loan.

Is A True Equipment Lease Always The Best Choice?

There is no one solution that is always the best in the world of business finance. That is why we here at Kingswood are ready to find the best solution for your specific situation.

If, for example, you are having an exceptional year and have abnormally high income, a faster depreciation may make a lot of sense. Our finance calculator automatically provides you with a free estimate on total bottom line equipment cost after a Section 179 deduction, so that you can see the potential savings before committing to any purchase. As always, check with your accountant before making any decisions. We are a finance company and are aware of these tax benefits, but only your accountant can tell you if this is the best tax application for your business.

Tax Lien Removals

There Are Only Two Things Guaranteed In Life…

So you’ve heard this one? One thing is for sure – no one likes paying taxes. Just ask Wesley Snipes and Willie Nelson.

This credit tip won’t help Wesley and Willie, who owed substantially more than $25K in back taxes, but for people with federal tax liens under $25K, there is an IRS procedure that will remove these federal tax liens from a credit report. All one needs to do is make three payments on an agreed upon payment plan and submit the proper paperwork.

This is just another example of the assistance you can receive from our Credit Repair program. Good credit is a major factor in obtaining any loan, and the stronger your credit, the greater your ability to save hundreds to thousands of dollars of your money!

Our Credit Repair program works with you, not only to remove inaccurate and unverifiable items from the credit bureaus, but to increase your credit score. A stronger credit score will allow you lower rates for credit purchases.

Don’t live with a low credit score. To learn more, and start the process to increase your credit score, Apply Now to our Credit Repair program. A representative will contact you within 24-48hrs to discuss options specific to your credit history.

Common Credit Mistakes

Common Credit Mistakes We All Make But Shouldn’t

Paying Off or Settling Collections

This is generally a bad idea, as it will cause your score to drop as your activity date gets renewed. However, let’s say an underwriter is forcing you to take care of it for a loan. We suggest paying off the collection account right before closing the new loan and provide the paid-off document to the underwriting department. This way the payoff doesn’t have time to negatively impact your score.

Closing Down Revolving Accounts

Most people do not realize that closing out trade lines can significantly lower credit scores. You need at least one revolving account to meet the minimum criteria of the scoring algorithms used by all three credit bureaus.

Paying Off Auto & Student Loans

When you pay off your installment accounts they close naturally, and then you lose your length of credit history. A better approach is to simply pay the minimum amount for as long as possible.

Student Loan Collections

Most student loans are government backed so they don’t just disappear after a certain amount of time. And very few lenders hand out significant sums of capital with student loans in collection status. Therefore, we suggest getting on a new payment plan and making sure that part of the payment plan includes a requirement that the status of the loan(s) be put back into good standing.

Acquiring Positive Credit

When it comes to building up credit history, don’t go nuts – less can be more. Apply for one secured credit card and use it sparingly each month. Make sure you have at least three open and active trade lines at any time. You can even try acquiring a couple of positive credit accounts from a close relative.


Disputes are nightmares in the credit world. We work with a company that specializes in disputes. Our suggestion is to let one of our representatives handle any disputes that you may have. Knowing exactly what the laws are and having the experience and tools to actively handle a dispute can be the difference between a high and a low interest rate, or getting approved for financing at all. Let the people who specialize in this area take care of your disputes before they cost you more than they already have.

Request A Free Credit Consultation Now!

Don’t live with a low credit score or a disputed trade-line. Request a free credit consultation today and get the information you need to make an informed decision. A credit repair specialist will respond with a specific plan to improve your credit and present you options to move forward. There is no obligation to move forward, but if you do you will receive Kingswood’s promotional rate as a benefit. Learning what you can do to maximize your credit score can literally save you thousands of dollars of your own money. Don’t delay – request your free credit consultation today!


Kingswood Client Featured In Food & Drink Intl Magazine

Kingswood Client Featured In Food & Drink Intl Magazine

Boston Showcase Co. featured in Food & Drink Intl Magazine

Boston Showcase Co. started as a family-owned carpentry business 102 years ago, building showcases and store fixtures for retail stores. After a while the Starr family got into building bars, which led them into the foodservice industry that they have succeeded in throughout the years. Today, Boston Showcase’s clients include restaurants, universities, hospitals, hotels, country clubs and assisted living facilities.

Family Values

Boston Showcase Co. is now owned and operated by Alan and Jack Starr, carrying on a tradition from their father Jason and grandfather Max. And a fourth generation is poised to carry on the family business as Jack’s son Matthew grows his career with the company. The Starr’s pride themselves on a family culture and extend their family values to their staff, most of which have found a place to make a home and career for themselves.

“It’s rare that someone comes to work here and leaves. We treat them like part of our family. We want people we can count on and they can count on us.” – Alan Starr

Boston Showcase consistently trains and promotes the long-term values that the company has been built on. Kingswood has benefited from these values having the opportunity to meet and train with the Boston Showcase staff on several occasions. The close, personal relationships that Boston Showcase fosters helps keep most of their client base loyal and provides a great foundation for repeat and referral business.

“We are an old company and are relatively content with modest growth. We are not looking for huge new markets or expansions in the immediate future. We are focused on doing a good job at what we do now.” – Alan Starr

Read the full article at


8th Annual Bowl-A-Thon

“It Takes A Community To Raise A Child”

Dover Children’s Home 8th Annual Bowl-A-Thon A Huge Success!

Approximately 400 community members of the greater Dover area came together Valentines Day and raised over $27,000 for the Dover Children’s Home. This fundraiser is held annually to help raise funds to meet needs not covered by their budget. This event, along with two others held yearly, make up about half of the overall operating budget of the non-profit for a year.

Kingswood Leasing Raises Most Pledges

The “Kingswood Kingpins” were proud to raise the most pledges for the event this year and edge out the reigning 4 time fundraising champions, The Dover Police Charities.

We Could Not Have Done It Without…

You!  Every contribution counts, especially to the lives of the kids each dollar affects. But a special shout-out must go out to our top donors:

  • Pawnee Leasing
  • Financial Pacific
  • Global Financial

We are so grateful and inspired by your generous donations and support!

Bowl-A-Thon Makes Local News

Karen Dandurant covered the event and published an article in the popular seacoast news forum:

Bowl-a-Thon raises money for Dover Children’s Home

You can also read all about the event and other DCH news on their Facebook page.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We cannot say “Thank You” enough! You all made this event so extraordinary for us! Your support got more of us involved in our community than any year before. We were so proud to present all your donations to the Dover Children’s Home and get our ‘bowl-on’ with our fellow community members. Even if you could not donate this year, we sincerely appreciate the support that was showed to us. Kingswood Leasing is proud to serve businesses, and proud to support our community.