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Section 179 and our Tax Saving Calculator

If you are buying equipment you will want to know how much money you can save on your equipment purchases. And if you are selling equipment you will want to be able to show how much this law can save a customer on their equipment purchase. Either way, a Section 179 Tax Savings Calculator is a valuable tool to have and use in order to see how much money is at stake. All of our calculators have this tool and have recently been updated.

Using Our Calculator

All one has to do to see how much one can potentially save is enter the cost of the equipment you want to purchase and hit the “Calculate Payment” button. No other information is required to use the Section 179 Tax Savings Calculator (the default tax rate is set at 21% for businesses). The calculator will show you a summary of IRS Section 179 Write Off & Bonus Depreciation savings and how they affect the bottom line of your equipment costs. You can even print out this summary with any quote. We suggest that you do print out the summary and provide it to your tax adviser, who can confirm whether or not this type of tax application is best for your specific situation.