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We know that most equipment purchases are made over time rather than paying in one lump sum, which allows the equipment to generate revenue and help pay for itself. That is why we have partnered with Kingswood Leasing to provide our customers with free, no obligation finance options on any qualifying equipment transaction.

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A simple one-page application is all we need to get started securing you the funds needed for your transaction.
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We will show all your finance options available to you, typically within 1 business day. You choose the best option for your situation.
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After you select your preferred payment option, your loan or lease documents will be drawn up and delivered to you. Simply sign where necessary and return to begin funder review.
Funds Dispersed
Following a successful review of loan documentation, your funds will be dispersed and your equipment order will be placed.

8 Reasons to Finance Your BBQ Equipment Transactions

Finance 100%
Up to 100% financing of your equipment, software and services.
Save Cash
Save your limited cash reserves for other areas of your business, such as payroll, improvements, marketing or R&D.
Benefit from Bundling
Bundle the equipment, installation, maintenance and more into a single, easy-to-manage monthly payment.
Accelerate ROI
Rather than paying one lump sum for your equipment, make smaller payments while the equipment generates revenue.
Customize Your Terms
Set customized payments to match your cash flow and even seasonal income fluctuations.
Keep Up-To-Date
Keep up-to-date with technology by acquiring more and better equipment than you could without financing.
Tax Advantages
Lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.
Minimal Upfront Costs
Most leases require only one or two advance payments, plus a documentation fee, in order to begin the lease.

Experience The Kingswood Advantage

Lease-To-Own is a financial services solution that provides for ownership of the equipment following receipt of all scheduled payments.
Equipment Finance Agreement
Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA) are calculated similarly to capital leases, however, with an EFA the ownership of the equipment is transferred immediately upon signing. Depending on the state and industries, EFAs can be drawn up with or without tax included.
Fair Market Value
Fair Market Value (FMV) equipment leases provides the lowest payments possible, while delivering access to necessary equipment for a defined period of time.
Other programs may be available. Call for details.


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