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What is equipment leasing?

A lease is an agreement in which a Lessor agrees to sell equipment to a Lessee for a specified length of time and a specified payment plan.

Typically a Lessee will have an option to buy equipment, return the equipment, or continue to lease the equipment on a month-to-month basis. Always refer to the End of Lease section on any lease agreement for specific details.

Mistakes happen. We understand this. Simply contact your Kingswood Account Executive and a dedicated team of people will help to fix any mistakes.

Service and warranty discussions are best addressed by the vendor with which the equipment was purchased from. However, Kingswood Leasing can provide contact information to assist our buyers whenever necessary.

Most finance and lease agreements are non-cancelable. As a Guarantor, you are responsible for the balance due, which in most cases is the sum of the remaining payments.

Most finance and lease agreements have no early payoff penalty. Contact the Customer Service number on your monthly finance statement to request a payoff amount.

If you wish to return your equipment prior to the end of your finance term, it is considered a voluntary repossession. Guarantor(s) are still responsible for any remaining payments due.

Declined decisions happen when an application does not meet the minimum credit guidelines for financing. Additional information may be required. Contact your Kingswood Account Executive for all decision details.

We are always ready to provide repeat and existing customers with further finance options. Simply contact your Kingswood Leasing Account Executive or submit an application for decision.

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