Partner Program Benefits

Partner Program Benefits

Supporting increasing opportunities for your customers to buy is the motivation behind every program we offer at Kingswood Leasing. Each feature is continuously improved upon in order to build long lasting solutions-oriented approaches to closing more deals, maximizing your revenues, and doing it all faster and easier.

Experience The Kingswood Advantage

Increase Your Sales

Offering finance options to your customers is critical to maximizing opportunity

Get All Your Money

Unlike credit card transactions, Kingswood funds the full invoice amount, so you don’t miss out on a single percent

Fast Decisions & Faster Funding

Quality credit decisions are received within minutes, and when a deal closes, funding can be as fast as immediate with electronic processing

Stop Negotiating, Start Selling

Sell more equipment and eliminate costly price negotiations by overcoming the price objection with affordable financing options


Electronic Documentation

Eliminate paperwork from application to signing financial documents with simple and easy web tools

Powerful Web Tools At Your Fingertips

Custom web applications and marketing materials are available at no cost


More Benefits

Vendor Program Benefits For You
  • Preserve Your Cash Flow
  • Close More Sales at Full Price
  • Deals from $1,000 to $1,000,000+
  • 100% Funding to You
  • No Paperwork Necessary – Web Tools Available
Partner Program Benefits For Your Customer
  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • Preserve Personal Credit Lines
  • Programs For All Credit Profiles
  • Fast Credit Decisions
  • No Paperwork Necessary- Electronic Documents Available

Approved Vendors Can Get Free Industry Publications

Equipment sellers approved to the Kingswood Leasing Vendor Program can get a free subscription to “Restaurant Startup & Growth”, a monthly magazine publication dedicated to equipment sales

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