Erland Charles Leslie "Erl" McLetchie (1949-2016)

Kingswood and the Metcalfe family lose a dear friend

Erl has been my dear friend, partner, fishing buddy and sometimes our lawyer for about 30 years. Our children have grown up together; and we both shared in the joys, trials and tribulations of raising children. The newest joy to us, grandchildren, was all we both spoke about. I helped

Erland Charles Leslie "Erl" McLetchie (1949-2016)
Erland Charles Leslie "Erl" McLetchie (1949-2016)


him a bit working on his last project to build his 5th canoe for the grandsons in Colorado. He was determined to complete it. Luckily his sons Andy and Doug came down to help finish it up with him and it was completed in April. He taught me how to fly fish. I never did catch any. He was like the big brother I never had. The best bridge player to have as a partner and always had a joke to tell or a story to share.

“Erl practiced law for 40 years in New Hampshire. Erl was widely regarded by the community as the greatest advocate in the North Country. Erl's clients, colleagues, and even his adversaries, loved him like family and he loved them too. Erl frequently represented people who could not afford representation on a pro bono basis and provided the same zealous representation to them that he did to all of his other clients. On several occasions, he received the New Hampshire Bar Association President's Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Service in recognition of his ‘willingness to accept pro bono cases and significant contribution of time in direct legal service to the poor.’

Erl's greatest love and accomplishment in his eyes, were his three sons Andrew (Andy of Golden, Colorado), Douglas (Doug of Portsmouth, NH), and Charles (Chip of Charlestown, MA). Erl was a hero to each of his sons, and all three grew up trying to be just like Erl in their own ways…

Later in life, Erl took great pride and joy in his grandchildren, Cameron and Graham of Golden, Colorado, and Cecelia of Charlestown, MA. Erl's favorite thing to do was to regale anyone he met with tales of his grandchildren whether they wanted to hear the tales or not"(Union Leader).

I will truly miss him. An expression I always use ‘Only the good die young’ could not be truer. He will be missed by all.


- Clifford A. Metcalfe Jr


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