Kingswood Leasing Celebrates 25 Years

Kingswood Leasing Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Kingswood Leasing, Inc. is celebrating its 25 year anniversary as a full service, nation wide commercial capital brokerage firm. This year the company is celebrating the trust that is reflected by the growing relationships Kingswood has with its clients. Nothing could make founder and owner, Clifford Metcalfe Jr., more proud than the trust that is continued to be placed with his family-owned company.

“I am very proud and grateful for the trust that our clients place in us and to our employees who have helped us get here.” – Clifford Metcalfe Jr., Owner of Kingswood Leasing, Inc.

Kingswood Leasing incorporated in 1991 after Cliff Metcalfe Jr. ventured out on his own in the competitive finance industry and began having immediate success. Kingswood began by serving the industry with the greatest pain points with regard to securing capital, the restaurant and food service industry. Kingswood Leasing’s approach to securing capital was unique. Kingswood had the experience to help clients secure financing that they couldn’t otherwise secure on their own. Kingswood forged relationships and new programs with funding sources to meet the unique needs inherent in the restaurant and food service industry. Kingswood has been a trusted partner to organizations through the good times and the not so good times, outperforming competitors who were not prepared to work with owners through thick and thin.

“Kingswood Leasing has been our longest, most reliable partner for over 23 years.   That tenure, through multiple economic cycles, is a testament to Kingswood’s exceptional value and expertise they provide as a financing resource to the food and beverage service industry.” – Gary Souverein, President, Pawnee Leasing Corporation, a Chesswood Group Ltd Company, Toronto Stock Exchange: CHW

The trust placed in Kingswood over 25 years has in turn given Kingswood the privilege of establishing even more unique and exclusive capital programs for clients that are available no where else. Kingswood Leasing has earned a reputation of being a trusted partner to restaurant, hospitality, and start-up business owners. Nationally ranked Fortune 500 companies use Kingswood as their preferred finance provider. Most recently, Kingswood has even started securing capital for international clients, growing Kingswood’s reach and capability.

“Our mission to be a trusted partner for buyers and sellers has driven the company since day one. We pride ourselves on communication and providing sound financial advice, which continues to grow the value proposition Kingswood offers in today’s marketplace.” – Clifford Metcalfe III, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Kingswood Leasing, Inc.

For the last 4 years Kingswood Leasing has been ranked one of the fastest growing “Family Owned Businesses in NH” and ranked in the top NH Based Businesses (NH Business Magazine).

Kingswood Leasing is headquartered in Dover, NH and resides on the world wide web at